GIG1005 Social Engagement — Project J

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To make this Project J a success, all the team members of Social Engagement had discussed for several days to decide the syllabus and content to be delivered to the participants. We needed to come up with a project proposal and submit it to CITrA for approval.

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Before submitting the proposal, we conducted a brief meeting with Professor Dr Soraya so that she could voice out her opinion and point out the parts that could be improved. After confirming that the proposal was perfect, then we submitted it to be approved by CITrA. The approval was crucial because it ensured that we could get enough budget for buying the prizes, printing the certificates of participation, buying the website domain and so on. Everything needs money!

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We were glad to hear that our proposal had been approved after a few days. After hearing the good news, the members of the Public Relation Department immediately unleashed their creativity and designed the posters for publicity on social media. The Blog Journalist Department on the other hand handled the building and designing of the Project J official website. Any important announcements would be posted on the website, as well as the teaching schedule and the learning materials.

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In the meantime, everyone began to promote our project on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, whatever you could think of! The minimum number of participants was 50, so everybody was required to bring at least one participant to meet the criteria specified. Before the registration closed, more than 170 people were registering to join our project through Google Forms. It was really an outstanding achievement since we just expected our target to be not more than 100 people.

Project J Promotional Video by Video Producer Department

There was no extra time for us to relax as our schedule was going to be very packed especially for the Content Provider Department for the next 5 weeks. Each session consists of a lecture and a tutorial which lasted for about one and half hour from 8.00 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. We needed to be well-prepared before each session so that the participants could catch up with the topic delivered. Rehearsal was done before each session to ensure the smooth flow of the class and not everyone had teaching experience before.

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Our very first lesson was on 12 April 2021 (Monday) through Microsoft Teams and each of us was present on that day to get a deeper understanding of the whole process. We paid full attention to make sure that no mistakes happened throughout the session which would cause the participants to lose their confidence in us. Luckily, the lesson ended as expected in the allocated time frame.

After the class, we collected feedback from them and the response was overall positive. Just a small portion of them could not catch up with the pace of the lecture. Maybe it was their first time to dive into the programming world so we should increase the interaction with them to answer their queries in the chatbox. A few minor issues were also brought up during the post-mortem meeting so that we could keep improving our performance from time to time.

Hope to see you in the next class! 😉

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